Give up the Notion of the Perfect Man!

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“Must make a six-figure salary!”

“Must be tall and clean-shaven!”

“Must be artistic and intellectual!”

And the list goes on and on. Take a look at the average woman’s online dating profile and you’ll be bombarded with a laundry list of requirements and demands. Most of these women are waiting for the perfect man to arrive in a chariot and conquer their hearts, but they’ll never find a man who complies with their every requirement, no matter how many online dating sites they join or singles events they attend.

Every woman has a different idea of what constitutes the ideal man. Some salivate over sleek businessmen with beaucoup bucks hiding in offshore accounts, while others get weak in the knees when they are in the presence of rough-around-the-edges, outdoorsy types with a scruffy appearance. But regardless of individual preferences, the majority of women are pretty particular about what they want in a man. After dating several men, however, they come to realize that not a single one fits their description perfectly. In fact, they may end up with a man who is quite the opposite of what they were expecting.

According to studies conducted at the University of Sheffield and the University of Montpellier in France, the partners we end up with are typically of a different height, weight, and body mass index than our ideal mate. That means you probably won’t even recognize your soul mate when you first see him!

How to Ditch Perfectionism and Boost Your Dating Prospects

Do you find yourself breaking relationships off prematurely, dissatisfied with the available pool of single men around you, or not dating at all? These are telltale signs that you’re hopelessly waiting for the perfect man. But Mr. 100% doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean you have to toss your list of requirements out the window and settle for someone who isn’t right for you, however.

According to the modern day sage, Dr. Phil, if you want to be satisfied in your relationships, you should find a man who meets 80% of your requirements and has the potential to cultivate the extra 20%. Dr. Phil said, “Instead of wasting time searching for an exact match, look for a guy who is free of the deal-breakers and has 80% of what you do want in a partner. The other 20% you can grow.”

Think about the current available pool of men around you. Do any of them meet 80% of your requirements? If so, why haven’t you dated them already? There’s a Hasidic saying that goes, “One who looks for a friend without faults will have none.” The longer you wait for the perfect man to come around (he never will), the longer you’ll be single and lonely. Just think: your perfectionism could be preventing you from encountering “the one.”

So, rather than spending so much time looking for the ideal mate, why not expend that energy creating the ideal love with someone who meets your minimum requirements? Just push for that extra 20% and you’ll have a 100% satisfying relationship with a man who may not fit your description of the perfect mate, but who’s darn well close to it.